The Cimmerian's Shadow

Chapter 6: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

The party leaves the crypt worn out from the battle and is surprised and dismayed to see a group of Purist standing before them. Surprisingly the leader of this group is none other than the man they had killed before. Mocking the party and revealing that he had been healed by the Purist clerics he smirked and told them they should check bodies next time.

Quickly the Purist moved in, this time their numbers were even larger. The party grew more and more worried as one by one they were cut down by the sheer numbers. Mariposa despite all her martial arts was defeated as she was surrounded by countless soldiers and cut down. Serade, surrounded by large numbers tried to battle, but in the end she was defeated as well. William was the next to fall, and finally the mighty Grizwald was defeated by sheer numbers as well.

As the world grew dim the party collapsed, sure of their death. Serade barely retained conscious, forcing through sheer will to wake up for just a bit longer. As her eyes opened she saw blood and body parts flying everywhere as a figure enveloped in shadows tore the Purist apart as if they were paper dolls. Even as the sheer numbers raced towards him, any that got close were ripped to pieces and murdered brutally. Serade’s injuries, however, caused her to collapse before she could see much. But she did see the man’s hair was the exact same as Kurosai’s.

The party was woken up one by one by Kurosai who asked if they were OK and congratulated them on defeating so many Purist, though he was surprised by how brutal it was. Confused the group told him they didn’t do it. Serade however was in a frenzy freaking out from all the blood. She then pointed to Kurosai and began to say she was someone with black tentacles and hair like his ripping them apart. Kurosai tried to assure Serade she was simply suffering from shock of seeing so much blood and was hallucinating, but it wasn’t working. As Kurosai tried to convince the party she was just in shock, suddenly Serade began dancing around and acting insane. The group worried for her knocked her out and carried her back to Alteria where they lay her in the bed to recover.

When Serade awoke she had no recollection of anything since the Purist attack and after talking with Mariposa decided they needed to talk to Kurosai. The two women quickly raced to the castle to try and find him, but realized they needed William to help them get it. Quickly kidnapping William, they raced back and got inside the castle. However, when they arrived at Kurosai’s room they found it empty.



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