The Cimmerian's Shadow

Chapter 5: Into the Crypt

Once again the party left Alteria and headed for the crypt that had been reported to contain a shadow crystal. As the party arrived, the group headed down into the crypt with Kurosai remaining in the back under the protection of the band of heroes. As the group begin quietly slipping through the crypt they finally saw a large number of zombies and skeletons inside the giant tomb. Drawing on the power of his bardic music, William powered up his allies and the group took to battle. With Grizwald and Mariposa striking down countless zombies and skeletons, the group cut their way through the crypt finally reaching the source of the shadowy magic that was powering the undead.

As they entered the final room of the crypt they were surprised to see a large undead minotaur zombie standing before them guarding the crystal. Quickly charging, Grizwald used his small size to slash and cut at the zombie avoiding the giant’s strikes while delivering countless blows of his own. Mariposa rushed forward to aid the gnome and was not as lucky. With a powerful strike, she was hit by a mortal blow and collapsed to the ground dying. William seeing her peril quickly drew on his magic and healed her, saving her life and yanking her to safety. Serade not willing to risk dying cheered from the background as Grizwald and the zombie began their deadly duel.

As Grizwald weaved and cut and slashed, William drew on his own magic to fire magic missiles to aid the gnome. After a quick battle, the zombie was defeated and the party, though tired, was victorious once again.

Kurosai stepped forward and began his ritual, once again asking the party to wait outside. Little did any of them know, just what was waiting for them outside.



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