The Cimmerian's Shadow

Chapter 4: The Tournament

The group returned to Alteria late that night and returned to the inn to rest and recover. After a full night’s rest, the party woke up to find that Kurosai had already headed to the castle to report their success and get their next mission. Serade was starting to feel sick and after William learned she had been bit by a ghoul he was able to use his bardic knowledge to discover she had goal fever. Realizing she needed to find a cure quickly she began to look for someone in town who could aid her.

As she looked for a healer she found a magic shop that soul scrolls and bought a healing scroll to take back to William. Begging William to try and use the scroll, he quickly got to work trying to learn the divine magic. While not skilled in divine magic himself, he was able to use his magical abilities to cast the spell successfully and cure Serade. Glad to be healed she headed out to spend some of her reward money.

As each party member went shopping and spent their money, Serade and William learned of a fencing tournament. Serade, seeing this as a chance to get more money, quickly signed up. William, seeing this as a chance to become a better fighter and have some fun, also signed up. During that same time, after a judge had gotten sick, Mariposa had been recruited as a judge.

The fencing tournament started with Serade defeating her first opponent, William defeating his, and two other fighters advancing to the semi-finals. In the second round, William fought his opponent and defeated his in a close match. Serade, however, had unluckily been drawn to fight the favorite of the tournament, a professional duelist named Allen, who defeated her. With William and Allen going into the finals it was a very close match, however Willaim barely defeated his opponent in a duel that came down to the next hit being the winner.

William awaited to be awarded his money, and was surprised when a ruling came back saying that both him and Serade won. Mariposa, a friend of Serade’s, had voted her to also win and the other two judges, who had simply been looking at Serade’s boobs, agreed. The money was split between the two and they were both declared the winners.

Kurosai had gotten their mission and watched the tournament, and upon the finish he gathered the group and told them that their next mission took place in a crypt. Countless undead were spawning in the area and the King suspected a shadow crystal was imbuing these corpses with life. Their next mission was to search the crypt and find the shadow crystal.



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