Alright, I’ve finally made an Obsidian Portal account. And thus I begin the long work of moving campaign notes and such onto this site.

The Cimmerian’s Shadow campaign originally started as a small quick campaign to teach a friend how to play Dungeons and Dragons. Not only was it his first campaign, but it was my first time being the Dungeon Master. What was originally going to be a short campaign become much larger when I began working on the story and with help from friends of mine who had DM’d before the story eventually became bigger and bigger.

Remembering things my DM’s used to do and reading the books I began picking and choosing ideas to add, ideas to consider, and more. The story changed a few times throughout creation and is even now going through subtle changes as the actions of the party at one arch influence the next arch’s design process.

The Cimmerian’s Shadow is still very early in game with just the first main portion of the game approaching completion. This first arch followed the party as they worked alongside a man known as Kurosai. This man, employed by the King, recruited the party to help him in his quest to stop the opening of a portal to the plane of shadows by gathering and destroying various shadow crystals around the world.

The first arch is in the middle of its final segment, with the party realizing that Kurosai has tricked them and is instead trying to open the portal and gain unlimited power. As the party races to stop him shadow elementals begin appearing and attacking the Kingdom of Alteria, the kingdom entrusted to guard the portal. It seems the party might be too late.

The Cimmerian's Shadow